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Section 6: Fuel and exhaust system

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Note: Prices are for personal shoppers only. At the moment I do not have the time or facilities required to undertake postal sales. However, in extreme circumstances eg I have a part which you cannot purchase elsewhere, I will try to help if I can. Prices may change without notice.

If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in the price lists, please inform me via the On-line feedback form. Thank you.

Item Dealer Description Price Stock
1ScootopiaCarburettor SH2/22  £90.000
19DellOrtoFloat needle (see Section 20, 4559)  £5.00---
35VE-UKCarb gasket kit, Jetex SH2/22  £4.001
35VE-UKCarb gasket kit, MA19BS, Li S1/2  £6.002
35CasaCarb gasket kit, MA19BS, Li S1/2  £6.001
42ScootopiaFuel tank cap with seal  £7.000
43VE-UKFuel tank cap, seal  £0.506
44VE-UKSplash tray, fuel tank, Indian  £3.001
44CasaSplash tray, fuel tank, Italian  £6.005
45VE-UKFelt ring, splash tray, fuel tank  £1.009
48VE-UKFuel tank strap, Indian (2 reqd)  £3.003
48CasaFuel tank strap, white (2 reqd)  £4.500
50VE-UKFuel tank trunnion kit, (2 reqd)  £2.008
55VE-UKBuffer, fuel tank, GP, set of 8  £10.002
55ScootopiaBuffer, fuel tank, S1/2, Li/TV  £13.001
55ScootopiaBuffer, fuel tank, S3, Li/SX/TV  £13.000
60ScootopiaFuel tap, fast flow, Version 2  £10.003
64MBDSplit pin, st/stl  £0.2521
65SRFuel tap joint  £1.501
66VE-UKFuel pipe clip, 12mm  £1.0020
66VE-UKFuel pipe clip, 9mm  £1.0011
66VE-UKFuel pipe joint, quick detach  £5.002
66VE-UKFuel pipe, 6x9mm, 250mm  £1.0036
66VE-UKFuel pipe, 7x12mm, 250mm  £1.0012
66ScootopiaFuel pipe, Ethanol resistant  £2.502
67ScootopiaScrew, air filter box, square hd, st/stl  £2.004
70CasaAir scoop rubber, black  £3.003
70CasaAir scoop rubber, grey  £3.002
71CasaSeal, rubber, round, air box  £1.002
73VE-UKAir filter spring clip, st/stl  £7.001
73MBDAir filter spring clip, st/stl  £10.001
74VE-UKNut, M7, Nyloc, stl, zn plt  £0.4048
75SRWasher, M7, crinkle, stl  £0.1520
76VE-UKInlet manifold GP200  £12.002
76MBDInlet manifold PHBH, 200  £33.000
76CamLamInlet manifold PHBH, Mugello/standard  £38.000
77VE-UKGasket, inlet manifold, 150/175  £1.509
77VE-UKGasket, inlet manifold, 200  £1.502
77MBDGasket, inlet manifold, 200  £1.002
77MBDGasket, inlet manifold, TS1  £2.001
78VE-UKChoke cable, black  £3.000
78VE-UKChoke cable, grey  £3.001
79SRCover, choke cable, plastic  £1.504
79MBDCover, choke cable, st/stl  £6.501
83CasaWasher M16, serrated, choke  £0.5029
88VE-UKTie rod, air filter  £1.501
88MBDTie rod, air filter,st/stl  £6.501
89otherElbow, air inlet, chrome  £15.001
90CasaSeal, rubber, oval, air filter  £2.501
90VE-UKSeal, rubber, oval, air filter, Indian  £2.001
91ScootopiaAir filter, free-flow, S1/2  £8.001
91ScootopiaAir filter, S3  £8.003
93VE-UKAir filter end plate  £3.001
96MBDClip, 18/20mm, st/stl  £2.505
96VE-UKJubilee clip, 42/62mm  £2.005
97CasaChoke cable elbow, 90 degree  £5.001
99MBDClip, 22mm, st/stl  £2.500
100CasaCarb air hose, GP125, 20mm  £10.005
100ScootopiaCarb air hose, GP150/200, 22mm  £10.002
100CasaCarb air hose, Li S1/2, 18mm  £10.003
100CasaCarb air hose, Li S3, 20mm  £10.003
106VE-UKGasket, exhaust, copper, big bore  £3.5010
106VE-UKGasket, exhaust, copper, standard  £3.5010
106MBDGasket, exhaust, TS1  £2.001
108SRWasher, M7, crinkle, stl  £0.2015
109CasaNut, M7, plain brass, exhaust  £1.508
111MBDExhaust clamp, st/stl  £6.004
112VE-UKFuel filter, 8mm, Malossi  £4.001


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