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Lambretta spares from Lake Lambrettas

Section 7 : Frame - suspension

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Note: Prices are for personal shoppers only. At the moment I do not have the time or facilities required to undertake postal sales. However, in extreme circumstances eg I have a part which you cannot purchase elsewhere, I will try to help if I can. Prices may change without notice.

If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in the price lists, please inform me via the On-line feedback form. Thank you.

Item Dealer Description Price Stock
3MBDPin, petrol flap, brass  £1.003
3SRPin, petrol flap, stl  £1.006
4VE-UKLid, toolbox, GP  £14.001
5VE-UKPin, toolbox lid (split cotter)  £0.204
5MBDPin, toolbox lid, st/stl  £3.501
6VE-UKLock, toolbox, Indian  £10.002
6CasaLock, toolbox, Italian  £20.002
6CasaLock, toolbox, S2, Italian  £22.000
9CasaPlug, rear frame, black (4 reqd)  £0.8016
9CasaPlug, rear frame, grey (4 reqd)  £0.8016
10ScootopiaDamper, rear, gas filled, S1 & S2  £65.000
10ScootopiaDamper, rear, gas filled, S3 & GP  £65.000
17ScootopiaNut, half, M16, & washer, rear damper, stl, zinc (1 pair)  £3.002
17MBDNut, half, M16, rear damper, st/stl  £1.507
18MBDWasher, M16, crinkle, st/stl, damper  £0.6011
23CasaSidepanel rubber, black, pair  £5.002
23CasaSidepanel rubber, grey, pair  £5.003
24SRBuffer, toolbox lid, black (set of 6)  £2.5010
24SRBuffer, toolbox lid, grey (set of 6)  £2.503
25InnocentiChrome ring, S2, original Innocenti  £50.001
25CasaChrome ring, S3  £25.001
26ScootopiaChrome ring, grub screw  £0.602
27VE-UKGrommet, petrol arm, black  £0.5011
27VE-UKGrommet, petrol arm, grey  £0.505
28VE-UKSpring, stand  £3.001
29MBDDust cover, frame, stl, zn plt  £7.001
30VE-UKSteering bearing, bottom sleeve  £11.002
31ScootopiaCentre stand, S2, white  £25.000
31ScootopiaCentre stand, S3, white  £25.000
32ScootopiaStand, feet rubber, pair, grey  £6.003
32ScootopiaStand, feet, rubber, pair, black  £6.002
33VE-UKRoll pin, stand feet, 6mm dia x 40mm lg  £1.0040
34ScootopiaSplash plate with hooks, S3, painted white  £20.003
34otherSplash plate with hooks, S3, unpainted  £16.002
39ScootopiaBuffer & clip, side panel, late S3/GP (pair)  £6.004
39CasaBuffer, side panel, early S3 (pair)  £5.001
39CasaBuffer, side panel, S1/2 (pair)  £5.001
40CasaClip, side panel buffer, late S3/GP (each)  £2.004
41CasaStand strengthener plate (2 reqd)  £2.0010
42ScootopiaFrame, stand strut  £50.000
43ScootopiaFrame, front strut, L/H  £14.000
44ScootopiaFrame, front strut, R/H  £14.001
45CasaBuffer, stand, S1/2  £2.501


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