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Lambretta spares from Lake Lambrettas

Section 8 : Handlebar - fork - speedometer

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Note: Prices are for personal shoppers only. At the moment I do not have the time or facilities required to undertake postal sales. However, in extreme circumstances eg I have a part which you cannot purchase elsewhere, I will try to help if I can. Prices may change without notice.

If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in the price lists, please inform me via the On-line feedback form. Thank you.

Item Dealer Description Price Stock
1otherRoll pin, throttle/gear pulley, 4mm  £0.507
1VE-UKRoll pin, throttle/gear pulley, 5mm  £0.5013
2VE-UKThrottle/gear rod end bush  £1.0013
3VE-UKThrottle/gear rod bush  £1.006
4VE-UKHandlebar rod, pinned, GP & late SX (each) uses 5mm pin, 8.1  £3.004
4VE-UKHandlebar rod, splined, 11 3/4 lg, early SX (each)  £6.002
4VE-UKHandlebar rod, splined, 12 1/4 lg, Li S3 (each)  £6.001
4VE-UKHandlebar rod, splined, 12 5/8 lg, Li S2 (each)  £6.001
4VE-UKHandlebar rod, throttle & gear, st/stl, GP & late SX (pair)  £10.001
5CasaThrottle rod outer bevel washer, S1/2  £1.001
5VE-UKThrottle rod outer bevel washer, S3  £0.509
6CasaShim, thrust, throttle, S1/2  £1.000
6ScootopiaShim, thrust, throttle, S3  £1.000
6MBDShim, thrust, throttle, st/stl, S3  £2.003
7ScootopiaHandlebar grips, black (pair)  £8.003
7ScootopiaHandlebar grips, grey (pair)  £7.003
9CasaHandlebar levers, S1/2, (pair)  £13.000
9VE-UKHandlebar levers, small ball end, pair  £13.003
10CasaBolt, locating, for brass pulleys  £2.505
12VE-UKPulley, throttle, Li/SX/GP, Nylon  £2.004
12ScootopiaPulley, throttle, splined, brass  £8.000
13CasaShim, throttle shaft, 0.4mm  £0.5038
13CasaShim, throttle shaft, 0.6mm  £0.5020
13CasaShim, throttle shaft, 0.9mm  £0.502
16VE-UKCable guide hoop, headset  £0.5012
17CasaSaddle clamp, for 8.18 rod bush  £1.006
18CasaRound rod bush, olive  £1.0015
19ScootopiaThrottle tube, for brass pulley rods  £7.000
19ScootopiaThrottle tube, for Nylon pulley rods  £7.000
20InnocentiHandlebar light switch housing, used original, Li S3  £30.002
20InnocentiHandlebar light switch housing, used original, S2  £40.002
20InnocentiHandlebar light switch housing, used original, SX, TV, Special  £30.003
21VE-UKHandlebar lever pivot screw and nut  £1.502
21VE-UKHandlebar lever pivot screw and nut st/stl  £3.009
22VE-UKWasher, lever pivot screw  £0.259
24VE-UKSpring, anti-rattle  £0.508
25VE-UKCap, anti-rattle  £0.506
26CasaScrew, steering lock  £1.502
27VE-UKLock, steering, Indian  £10.002
27VE-UKLock, steering, Italian  £12.000
31VE-UKRing, lock, top steering bearing  £2.505
32VE-UKWasher, lock, steering bearing  £1.506
33CasaSteering bearing, nut, top race, track  £4.002
34VE-UKSteering bearing, top  £2.003
35MBDSteering bearing, top sleeve, chrome ring  £16.002
35MBDSteering bearing, top sleeve, non-chrome ring  £9.001
37CasaGasket, headset top  £0.5022
38VE-UKLock, steering, disc  £0.605
39VE-UKLock, steering, pin  £1.505
40VE-UKLock, steering, spring  £0.505
42MBDPulley, gear, GP, Nylon  £3.506
42ScootopiaPulley, gear, splined, brass  £8.000
44VE-UKBolt, headset clamp  £1.503
46VE-UKHeadset clamp  £9.002
49CasaCollar, 'L' shape  £1.003
50VE-UKGear rod to handlebar bush  £1.004
55VE-UKSpeedo cable complete, black, for Indian speedos  £7.002
55VE-UKSpeedo cable complete, black, for Italian speedos  £8.500
55VE-UKSpeedo cable complete, grey, for Indian speedos  £7.001
55VE-UKSpeedo cable complete, grey, for Italian speedos  £8.501
55VE-UKSpeedo cable complete, grey, S2  £7.003
59CasaSpeedo glass  £3.001
59VE-UKSpeedo glass  £2.001
60CasaSpeedo sealing ring, white  £2.004
62VE-UKSpeedo retaining plate  £2.004
63VE-UKBulb, 12V 3.5W speedo  £0.505
64VE-UKBulb holder, no lead, speedo  £3.004
64VE-UKBulb holder, with lead, speedo  £5.003
65VE-UKFork spring stop, GP, (each)  £2.006
65CasaFork spring stop, Li, (each)  £2.502
66ScootopiaFork spring, progressive, (pair)  £16.001
69ScootopiaDamper, front, silver, (pair)  £35.000
75VE-UKStud, front damper, (pair)  £6.001
76VE-UKFork piston GP, (pair)  £12.002
76ScootopiaFork piston Li, (pair)  £10.001
76VE-UKFork piston Li, (pair)  £12.001
77ScootopiaFork link bushes, steel (77) & nylon (93) (1off each)  £3.000
78VE-UKFork link bolt & nut, st/stl (pair)  £14.000
78VE-UKFork link bolt, bush & nut, Indian, stl, zn plt (pair)  £9.002
79VE-UKBuffer, fork, bolt in, large, bottom (pair)  £8.002
79VE-UKBuffer, fork, bolt in, small, top (pair)  £8.002
79VE-UKBuffer, fork, push in, large, bottom (pair)  £3.001
79VE-UKBuffer, fork, push in, small, top (pair)  £3.002
80MBDWasher, dished, fork link, st/stl  £2.008
80CasaWasher, dished, fork link, stl, zn plt  £1.009
82VE-UKSteering bearing, bottom  £2.003
83ScootopiaFork, bottom bearing, track, kit (items 7.30, 8.82 & 8.83)  £10.001
84VE-UKDust cover, forks  £3.003
84MBDDust cover, forks, st/stl  £7.002
85VE-UKBrake, front, cable clip, chrome  £3.003
85VE-UKBrake, front, cable clip, st/stl  £5.001
85VE-UKBrake, front, cable clip, stl, zn plt  £2.502
86ScootopiaFork buffer fixing kit, hex screws & washers, zn plt, (set of   £2.501
86MBDScrew, hex, M6x10, st/stl (set of 4)  £1.001
86MBDScrew, hex, M6x12, st/stl (set of 4)  £1.001
87MBDWasher, serrated external, M6, st/stl  £0.100
88MBDSee 1.18 (Grease nipple)  0---
89otherFork links, disc brake, damper stud, (pair)  £75.001
89otherFork links, drum brake, damper stud, (pair)  £75.001
89VE-UKFork links, non-damper, pair  £25.000
92MBDWasher, serrated external, M12, st/stl  £0.258
93otherSee 77  0---
94VE-UKFork link ball, (each)  £2.504
95CasaSpeedo face, 2 piece, 70mph, SX  £13.001
96CasaDamper bracket, weld-on, front (pair)  £6.004
98CasaGreen indication gem, S2  £2.001


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