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Section 11 : Lighting

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Note: Prices are for personal shoppers only. At the moment I do not have the time or facilities required to undertake postal sales. However, in extreme circumstances eg I have a part which you cannot purchase elsewhere, I will try to help if I can. Prices may change without notice.

If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in the price lists, please inform me via the On-line feedback form. Thank you.

Item Dealer Description Price Stock
1CasaScrew, rear lens  £1.007
3VE-UKLens, rear lamp, Aprilia  £11.001
3VE-UKLens, rear lamp, Carello  £11.002
3VE-UKLens, rear lamp, CEV  £9.002
3VE-UKLens, rear lamp, GP  £9.002
3CasaLens, rear lamp, GP  £10.000
4ScootopiaGasket, rear lens, S2  £5.001
4CasaGasket, rear lens, S3  £2.003
5ScootopiaRear bulb holder, 3 bulb type, S1  £18.001
5ScootopiaReflector, rear bulb holder, S3  £12.002
6ScootopiaScrew, rear lamp casting, square hd  £2.004
7VE-UKRear lamp casting and lens, S3  £40.000
8CasaRear light casting rubber, black  £5.003
8CasaRear light casting rubber, grey  £5.004
12VE-UKBulb, 12V 21/5W stop/tail  £0.757
12VE-UKBulb, 12V 21/5W stop/tail, red  £1.007
12VE-UKBulb, 6V 10W festoon, 38mm  £1.005
12VE-UKBulb, 6V 18/5W stop/tail, S2  £1.002
12VE-UKBulb, 6V 3W festoon, 36mm, S2 tail lamp  £1.005
12VE-UKBulb, 6V 3W festoon, 38mm  £1.004
12VE-UKBulb, 6V 5W festoon, 30mm  £1.005
14CasaEarth lead, braided, coil-frame-engine  £5.001
15VE-UKTriangular HT lead/cable guide  £1.507
16ScootopiaHeadlamp glass & reflector, TV/Special/SX  £22.000
17MBDHeadlamp, bulb holder, GP  £18.001
17VE-UKHeadlamp, bulb holder, S2  £5.001
17ScootopiaHeadlamp, bulb holder, S3  £12.001
19CasaHeadlamp rim, spring clip, SX  £2.007
20CasaHeadlamp rim, GP  £25.003
20CasaHeadlamp rim, Special/TV/SX  £25.001
22VE-UKHeadlamp, earth wire, adjuster  £2.503
26VE-UKBulb, 12V 5W festoon, 38mm  £1.0010
27CasaTab, wire retaining, aluminium  £1.508
28ScootopiaHeadlamp glass, deep, Li Special/SX  £6.001
28ScootopiaHeadlamp glass, shallow, Li/TV/S1&2  £6.000
29VE-UKBulb, 12V 35/35W, halogen, headlamp  £6.000
29VE-UKBulb, 12V 35/35W, tungsten, headlamp  £2.000
29VE-UKBulb, 6V 25/25W, headlamp  £1.502
30CasaHeadlamp gasket, around glass and reflector  £2.500
31CasaHeadlamp reflector, S1/2/3  £11.000
31CasaHeadlamp reflector, Special/TV/SX  £14.000
33CasaHeadlamp rim, Li S2  £23.000
33CasaHeadlamp rim, Li S3  £23.000
34CasaHeadlamp rim, cup washer, M4  £0.256
35CasaHeadlamp rim, screw, M4 x 8 rsd csk  £0.256
36ScootopiaLoom, A/C, black, electronic  £18.001
36ScootopiaLoom, A/C, grey, electronic  £18.002
36CasaLoom, D/C, grey, battery, original  £20.001


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