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Section 15 : Body

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Note: Prices are for personal shoppers only. At the moment I do not have the time or facilities required to undertake postal sales. However, in extreme circumstances eg I have a part which you cannot purchase elsewhere, I will try to help if I can. Prices may change without notice.

If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in the price lists, please inform me via the On-line feedback form. Thank you.

Item Dealer Description Price Stock
1Casa'W' spring clip, panel, Li  £15.000
1VE-UK'W' spring clip, panel, Li  £7.002
1VE-UKClip, spring, panels, st/stl, with fixing plate GP  £7.002
2CasaInner mechanism, loop, rectangular, pair (late S3)  £6.001
2CasaInner mechanism, roller, round (early S3)  £2.005
2CasaInner mechanism, side panel, left (early S3)  £14.001
2CasaInner mechanism, side panel, right (early S3)  £14.002
2CasaPin, nylon roller  £1.507
3CasaWasher, serrated csk, panel handle  £0.5010
3CasaWasher, white plastic, panel handle  £0.505
4CasaHandle, side panel, left (early S3)  £8.001
4CasaHandle, side panel, right (early S3)  £8.001
4VE-UKHandle, side panel, with inner levers, rollers and pins (pair)  £35.001
5CasaInner mechanism, loop, rectangular, roll pin (late S3)  £0.502
7MBD'W' spring, plates, st/stl, (pair)  £5.002
11MBDSide panels, Li, (pair)  £165.000
11MBDSide panels, LiS/SX150/TV200, (pair)  £190.000
12VE-UKFootboard strip, rear (set of 4) grey, S2  £10.001
12VE-UKFootboard strip, rear (set of 6) Indian, black, GP  £7.001
12ScootopiaFootboard strip, rear (set of 6) Italian, black, GP  £18.001
12CasaFootboard strip, rear (set of 6) Italian, grey  £14.000
14MBDFootboard, rear, pair, GP  £80.000
18MBDSpeed clip, also 17.61  £0.1540
23VE-UKMudguard, rear, plastic  £11.000
36CasaFloorboard alloy end caps, GP (set of 8)  £10.001
36ScootopiaFloorboard alloy end caps, S3 (set of 8)  £10.000
38CasaFloor channels, aluminium (set of 4)  £10.001
39CasaChannel rubber, black (set of 4)  £6.001
39CasaChannel rubber, grey (set of 4)  £6.001
47CasaBridge piece rubber, black, S3 (pair) (items 47 & 55)  £4.002
47CasaBridge piece rubber, grey, Li S1/2 (pair) (items 47 & 55)  £5.002
47CasaBridge piece rubber, grey, S3 (pair) (items 47 & 55)  £4.005
54VE-UKBridge piece, primed  £9.001
60ScootopiaBeading cap, bottom, legshield, 'shark's teeth', GP (pair)  £10.000
60ScootopiaBeading cap, bottom, legshield, S3 (pair)  £7.001
65ScootopiaToolbox tie rod, (set of 3)  £6.002
65VE-UKToolbox tie rod, upper, short, (1 reqd) and 15.75  £1.504
66VE-UKToolbox tie rod, half-round plate (3 reqd)  £0.505
67VE-UKToolbox tie rod, tab washer (3 reqd)  £0.256
71ScootopiaToolbox rubber seal (metal toolbox)  £6.001
72ScootopiaBeading cap, top, legshield, S3 (pair)  £6.002
75VE-UKToolbox tie rod, lower, long, (2 reqd) and 15.65  £1.503
79CasaLegshield rubber, black, (pair)  £5.002
79CasaLegshield rubber, grey, (pair)  £5.004
83ScootopiaTop hat, blind nut, screw & washer  £1.006
85MBDMudguard gasket rubber, Li, black, (pair)  £7.002
85ScootopiaMudguard gasket rubber, Li, grey, (pair)  £7.001
85ScootopiaMudguard gasket rubber, SX, black, (pair)  £7.001
85ScootopiaMudguard gasket rubber, SX, grey, (pair)  £7.007
86VE-UKMudguard, front, metal, SX  £105.000
87CasaHorn casting side rubber, black, (pair)  £3.001
87CasaHorn casting side rubber, grey, (pair)  £3.002
91ScootopiaHorn casting base rubber, black  £4.002
91ScootopiaHorn casting base rubber, grey  £4.001
101VE-UKClip, badge, horn casting, early, Li/TV/SX, st/stl  £3.001
101ScootopiaClip, badge, horn casting, early, Li/TV/SX, stl  £4.003
101ScootopiaClip, badge, horn casting, late, SX/GP, st/stl  £9.002
104CasaGrille, horn, GP  £25.002
104CasaGrille, horn, Li  £25.001
104CasaGrille, horn, SX  £25.003
108CasaBody rubber kit, black, GP  £36.000
108CasaBody rubber kit, grey, Li  £36.000
108CasaBody rubber kit, grey, SX  £36.000
111VE-UKSmall grommet & rubber kit, grey, S2  £9.001
111VE-UKSmall grommet & rubber kit, grey, S3  £9.001
112VE-UKFloor screw kit, st/stl, GP  £9.001
112VE-UKFloor screw kit, st/stl, Li/SX  £9.001
112VE-UKFloor screw kit, st/stl, S2  £10.001


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